Want to be at the forefront of the AI Evolution in Teaching?

LessonBud is a powerful AI assistant for Educators and we're looking for pioneers to build something great with us.

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It's like ChatGPT but better.

LessonBud recommends educational content and activities tailored to your class's learning level, interests, and past performance.

  • AI Content Generator
  • LessonBud's Planner
  • AI Lesson Planning Calendar
  • AI trained for teachers

    LessonBud is powered by OpenAI, allowing you to use an AI designed to help you reduce your workload by up to 80%.

  • REducing your to-do list

    We want LessonBud to be a all-in-one tool for Teachers to keep all their lesson plans in one place.

  • Boringly simple to use

    Making the app simple and easy to use for new AI users is at the forefront of our experince.

Who We Help:

  • Pp4
    Careful Planners 📚
    Keeping curriculum planners organised every day of the week.
  • Pp3
    Burnt Teachers 🎓
    Reducing your workload by up to 80% by using the power of AI.
  • Student raising her hand in class
    All Institutions 🚌
    For schools looking to provide their Teachers with the latest tech.

How we help:

Our AI-powered teaching assistant is designed to enhance your teaching efficiency. Try it for free.
  • Efficient Teaching

    • Saves time by automating routine tasks
    • Facilitates smooth communication with parents
    • Generates tasks automatically, saving time
  • AI-Powered Assistance

    • Provides personalized assignments for better learning
    • Explains concepts effectively for better understanding
    • Generates reports for tracking student progress
  • Enhanced Efficiency

    • Reduces workload, allowing more focus on teaching
    • Organizes class folders for easy access
    • Schedules calendar events for better planning

Make a Difference in 4 Simple Steps.

We're looking for a small group of people to join us on this journey and here's how you can get invovled:

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